Animal Lodge's Dog Training Program
Animal Lodge's Dog Training Program

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3201 Western, Amarillo, TX 79109

I'm Sutter a Bernese Mountain Dog.  My mom is Michelle Knevelbaard.  She's been a Certified Dog Trainer for over 10 years.  She can help you and your canine companion live happily and obediently together no matter how bad it seems right now!  You see, behavior and training problems are simply a communication gap between my species and yours.  My mom can teach you to understand your dog!  And she can help your dog to understand you.  I know you humans are busy so my mom offers lots of ways to train your dog -- Group classes, Private lessons, or Camp & Train.  My mom's training services will change the relationship between you and your dog so get started today!

Group Classes:  

      Class focus

       -- commands like sit, lay down, stay, come, heel, leave it, drop it and more

       -- manners like no jumping, don't nip hands, wait at doors and more

Private Lesson Information:

    Meet one on one with a Professional Obedience Instructor.

    Teach any command you need and fix any behavior problem you have.

    Scheduled at your needs!

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UPDATED: October 4 , 2008