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Have fun looking at the photos from previous training clients.


Beginner Class

Pictured here are Carley and Baily (Poodles), Baby Blue (Aussie), Mimi (Papillion) and Sophie (Bichon).  This is the first graduating class at Animal Lodge.  All the dogs came a long way and did wonderful in class.  

Puppy Class

These young dogs are graduating from puppy training class.  By the end of class they proved they can hang with the big dogs!  Pictured are Hershey (Lab), Aggie (Border Collie Mix), Luke (German Shepherd), and Bam (Rat Terrier).

Doggie Day Care

During Day Care dogs are allowed to socialize and play with each other.  They have a lot of fun.  By the end of the day they are tired!  Owners agree that's the best way to have the dog when they get home from a long day at work.  Pictured are Honey (Poodle), Suzie (Jack Russel), Maggie (Lhasa), and Max (Shih Tzu).

Sutter and Bosley

Here are my dogs!  The big one is Sutter a Bernese Mnt Dog.  He is 5 years old.  He is a Therapy Dog with the Love on a Leash.   The little one is Bosley a mini poodle.  He is 1 year old. 

Sasha CD, CGC, TDI

Sasha 1995-2003.  I got Sasha from the dog pound.  She was a great dog with some bad issues.  I miss her everyday. 

Allie CGC, Delta Society Therapy Dog

Allie 1998-2005.  My first boxer.  What a great experience.  She is always missed and always will be.

Dakota the Akita

Dakota is learning to shake hands.  If you look in the back ground, you will see other dogs.  This class was held in a park in July of 2001.

Kate and Malee

Kate, the Lab, shows some of the skills Malee taught her while taking lessons with me.  Here Kate is doing a "stay" from 20 feet in the park!  Good dog....

Max and Claire 2001

Read what Claire has to say about Max.  Click on the photo.


Gracie is a young Weimeriner.  She graduated from Beginner Training Class. At first she was shy but by the end she was out going.  She loves to learn agility equipment. 

Puppy Class

What a group of dedicated dog owners.  The labs (Belle and Mary Ann) are great at sits and downs.  The lab mix (Sadie Jo) is a trick dog!  The Basinji (Frosty) can stay so good.  And the Shepherd mix (Brewster) came out of his shell!

Belle and Beth

Belle took several classes and did very well.  At first she was shy and afraid of noises and new objects.  Her mom Beth learned to read her signals and helped Belle get through her fear.  Belle passed her Canine Good Citizen test and has started working as a pet therapy dog for Love on a Leash.  Click her photo for more therapy information.